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Information for members, newcomers and those who interested in joining us

General data

The Association of Hungarian Librarians (AHL) is a national, non-governmental, non-profit organisation of librarians and other information professionals, libraries and information institutes.

Address: H-1054 Budapest, Hold u. 6.
Phone/Fax: (36-1) 311-8634
Year of foundation: 1935.


The Association has 2200 individual and 60 institutional members. Every member is registered in different regional or special sections (or more sections at the same time).


Activities and services

Organisational structure - organisations

Officers (term: 2003-2007)

Members of the Association are grouping into local organisations (according to workplaces, generally in the counties - 20), and into professional organisations (according to the types of libraries, library activities and common interested areas - 11). A member can be registered in more than one organisation and enforce of his/her rules.

Professional branches at present

  • Bibliography Section
  • Children's Library Section
  • Organisation of Local Studies
  • Association of Librarian-teachers
  • Association of Public Libraries
  • Agricultural Librarian Section
  • Technical Librarian Section
  • Reference Librarian Section
  • Social Science Libraries Section
  • Music Librarians Sections
  • Section of "IT Librarians"

The Association may have independent associations also; those are connecting as attached organisations to the Association of Hungarian Librarians.

Behind the above mentioned meetings and services, the activities of the association (meetings, training courses, co-operations) are mostly organised by the branches themselves.

Steering bodies



2010 WLIC - Gothenburg

Annual conferences

The most important and attractive professional meetings of the Association are the annual conferences held with the participation of 6-800 librarians at different regions of the country. The annual meeting focuses on the most important and discussed issues of library and information science. Data on recent annual conferences:

National conferences

What does the Internet mean for libraries?

Union catalogues in the age of automation

Hungarian librarianship in the first decade of the third millennium - strategies and tasks

Copyright and libraries; Non-public libraries and the librarian law.

International conferences



International connections

International co-operations

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